Under the Influence

On Netlix there is the documentary Under the Influence, dedicated to the Rolling Stones guitarist: Keith Richards.
His figure, which still today is discussed, is told by him, struggling with his solo album. We recommend the vision of this almost “moving” documentary that traces the musical and personal influences of Keith Richards.

A man who, despite having lost the memory of many moments of his life, continues to make music the only essence of happiness. You will then see how much he lives for art, how much he still wants to create, exactly as he invented and reinvented with the band that made him famous.
A dive into the past and a nice curiosity towards the present. Here’s who is the most scandalous guitarist of all time.


The value of trust

Bob bought a BMW and explained that he was not attracted by the luxury cars but by the car’s name: “BMW stands for Bob Marley and the Wailers”


When he turned quietly in his car, Bob did not act like a star. He parked it and left it always open. He was idolized to such an extent that no one would ever allow himself to be robbed. Marley had a strong trust in everyone, not crazy about a luxury item. He knew that this was just a car.

Keith Moon: Incredible but true

September 17, 1967
CBS Television: The Who band performed with the two songs I Can See For Miles and My Generation.
When the show was about to end, everyone slowly began to break the musical instruments.
Moon hid the explosive in one of the drums of the battery to which he kicked to trigger the explosion. Townshend burned his hair and Moon wounded his arm with the fragments of the drums.
Crazy moments!


Elvis’s life in Comics

We recommend “Elvis il Fumetto” by Philippe Chanoinat and Fabrice Le Hénanff to read the career of Elvis.
Elvis Presley is still a myth all over the world today.


Jerry Garcia

After years of drug abuse, in 1986 for the fantastic Garcia came the moment of the diabetic coma. After five days he recovered with terrible consequences: Jerry had to learn from the beginning to play the guitar.
In 1995 he died. The truth is that despite numerous attempts has never abandoned drugs. A life with the guitar, alternated with moments of anguish and loneliness where, unfortunately, it found refuge in harmful substances.
But his importance as an artist made him love by the public. Attending a Greatfull Dead concert meant admiring a supreme guitarist: Gerry Garcia.


The Times They Are a-Changin ‘

An exciting man composes an exciting piece of the homonymous album “Times are changing” a single with historical and descriptive value. Live all the changes in society that Dylan perceives are described.

Joan & Bob

When Joan met Bob, he was trying to make himself known, she was already the queen of folk. It was the beginning of the 60s.
The vagabond Dylan is protected by the singer, began to show him during his concerts, helping him to take care and security with the public. The two were very close and love was inevitably born.
Their romance lasted a few years, Joan discovered that he had a relationship with Sara, his future wife.


This discovery did not lead to a painful break, to the point that the two women became friends. During the tour, Joan tried to help Sara protect herself from Bob’s weakness and crises. Complicated marriage led to the inevitable divorce of Sara and B.Dylan.

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