Hendrix at Woodstock

It is nine o’clock in the morning of 18 August 1969.

Hendrix speaks of Woodstock: “If a parent cares about their children must know the music they listen to. The role of music is fundamental at this time … Music is stronger than politics. In the eyes of the boys we musicians are a point of reference, much more quickly than the president does with his speeches. That’s why there were so many Woodstocks »


Testimonials: I was there

Today I share my memory, I manage this page and it seems right.
A year ago I was at the Sir Elton John concert in Mantua on July 14th.
I thank the Gazzetta di Mantova for providing me with this style shot “I was there” from Sassari, alone, for the love of music.

Choir Experience

The music is extraordinary because it allows to unite many people. When we sing together we all experience the same emotions. These are the experiences to try!

Choir! sings Tracy Chapman Talkin’ Bout A Revolution

I Know It’s Over

Morrissey’s lyrics are often melancholic and those who approach the Smiths know it well. Listening for the first time to the Manchester band The Smiths is undoubtedly an experience that is not forgotten. I Know It’s Over is the third track of The Queen Is Dead and we offer it for the poetry of words and melody. After the end of a love story the protaginist turns to his mother and questions himself about his mistakes and his soul.

Advice from the past: Arlo Guthrie

Arlo Guthrie is an American folk singer who has shown a commitment against compulsory leverage, against the Vietnam war and against some hygienic institutions.
He collaborated with Bob Dylan and his most famous song Alice’s Restaurant.

Rock N Roll Nigger

In his own way, the Priestess of the Rock, describes with the word Nigger the condition of the marginalized.
The outcast in general contained in a word, a topic always dear to Patti Smith: color, homosexual, sick, man or woman.
Patti Smith has always felt about the duty to speak and fight, mandatory activity for those who, according to her, are holding the good fortune of being able to make their voices heard with the music.


Bob Dylan explains the truth

Tambourine Man is the Greenwich Village middle-class dealer in New York who goes to all the clubs in the neighborhood: he enters one of these, sits at the counter and starts knuckles rhythmically on the counter: and this is the signal to make people understand that he has the stuff. The client approaches him and makes him “Hey, Mr Tambourine man, “play a song for me” to make it clear that he is interested and then solve the deal.


Trip of music

Graceland is the home of ElvisPresley

It is located at 3734 Boulevard Elvis Presley in Memphis, Tennessee
Elvis lived there for a long time and is buried right here.
After Casablanca it is the most famous and visited residence in the United States

Under the Influence

On Netlix there is the documentary Under the Influence, dedicated to the Rolling Stones guitarist: Keith Richards.
His figure, which still today is discussed, is told by him, struggling with his solo album. We recommend the vision of this almost “moving” documentary that traces the musical and personal influences of Keith Richards.

A man who, despite having lost the memory of many moments of his life, continues to make music the only essence of happiness. You will then see how much he lives for art, how much he still wants to create, exactly as he invented and reinvented with the band that made him famous.
A dive into the past and a nice curiosity towards the present. Here’s who is the most scandalous guitarist of all time.

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